Q: much experience do you have in tuning? 
A: We have been involved in electronic tuning since the early 1990's in some respect or another back when the old pacton sn series superchargers came out for the 5.0 mustangs. Since then we have used many platforms and seen them come and go as well as the technology expand in this business so we feel we certainly have the most experience to know which platform is the best for any given situation,

Q: Why would you use so many different tuning platforms?
A:  We know most platforms extensively, and each of their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. This is what seperates us from most in this business. We also try to accomodate all customers with any existing equiptment or products they may already have aquired and try to support their endeavours without forcing a new purchase.
(XXX Tuning) offers really inexpensive tuning.  How can I pass this up and whats the difference?
A:   We see many new businesses run out and buy some software and become "Tuners" overnight. The only way they can usually break into the business is to bottom out pricing to attract new customers. Why else would you go to someone with limited experience? In this business you get what you pay for..... like plastic surgery for example. We frequently fix many of these poor quality tunes and poorly designed setups and much too often it has already caused serious engine damage. Do yourself a favor and avoid frustration, disasterous, and catastrophic financial burdens by coming to experienced professionals.  So many times we see folks that want to save a few hundred dollars in tuning costs that end up resulting in thousands and thousand of dollars of repair. Can you afford a $7000 to $15,000 engine? Do you want people learning on your vehicle? Enough said.

Q:  If  I tune with you and have a any issues afterwards is their any support?
A:  Yes.  We are here for you after the sale. Service, service service! Because of our experience we can guarantee your success and can resolve any tuning. install or mechanical situations you may encounter. We have a very small amount of issues that need to be resolved after the initial tune but guarantee all issues resolved in a timely fashion. We dont fail. We never have. Some issues relating to hardware or electrical can be extremely hard to diagnose but we always succeed,
I read that (company xxx) has the best products on the web and different forums and in the magazines. This is true ..right?
A: No, not always. The magazines and web are very powerful information sources loaded with good and bad information. Many companies have aggressive and effective marketing and advertising programs that do make a good sales pitch accompanied with their "cheerleaders" in specific forums but much of it is...like it is....marketing. Many people who hang out forums usually have limited real life experience and most times spew out only poor regurgitated information they see flying around.  This is important to all of us to get best dollar spent vs, the cost of anything. There is so much misinformation these days it is difficult for the average person to discern good from bad. Dont believe "supposed power numbers" and take it for gospel. This is a no brainer. 
Too many time folks come in with combinations that state.." Well everyone on the web or the magazines say they get xxx hp from this" and then reality sets in with dissapointment.  We know better, so should you and that is why we only recommend certain products and manufacturers. Call and ask us before you purchase and get some forthright and proven information. If you ever have a question all you have to do is call. We are here for you.  562 305 3532