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Author Topic: FAQ: START HERE before posting Questions.  (Read 1529 times)


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FAQ: START HERE before posting Questions.
« on: January 26, 2014, 09:44:46 PM »

As this forum progresses you'll start seeing the same questions over and over which becomes annoying. Instead of 500 stickies on the first page this will manage that better.  Any time some one comes up with a great DIY or general knowledge for the trucks we can add links here to the pages or just update this thread.

If you have a great DIY with hosting that won't move and great pictures, you'll be posted here. 

For now this thread will be unlocked for people to contribute,  later it'll be locked and only updated by mods. This is technical info not random chit chat girly gossip. So either post something constructive or nothing.

General F150 Information:
Seatbelt Minder:  Consult your OWNER'S MANUAL!

Abbreviation list:
VTA = Vent to Atmosphere
BOV = Blow Off Valve

3.7 V6:

3.5L V6 [Ecoboost]:
Interval:  25-30k Miles

QTY: 06

GAP (Stock):  .032
GAP (Tuned):  .028


Brisks:  Throw them away, ceramic failures, DO NOT USE!!

Motorcraft (Stock):  SP-534

NGK: (6509) LTR6IX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug fit our trucks.  These plugs are 1 range colder than the stock 3.5L NA motors.
If you want a colder plug than this it would be a 7, NGK goes up with colder.
[6509] LTR6IX-11 = Stock OEM F150 heat range
[6510] LTR7IX-11 = +1 Colder (100-150hp over stock)

5.0 V8:

6.2L V8:

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