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Author Topic: Stock Wastegate Spring  (Read 273 times)


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Stock Wastegate Spring
« on: December 28, 2016, 06:34:36 PM »

Does anybody know the stock spring tension in the wastegates? The turbosmart aftermarket wastegate actuators are listed at 5 psi, I'm assuming that is the same as stock.

I inadvertently broke the t connector after the control solenoid a few days ago and drove my truck basically without pressure applied to the wastegates for a few days. I assume that if the springs are 5 psi they should be able to handle 5 psi of boost before they start opening. I was getting the wastegates to open and close with about 2-3 psi.

Just trying to figure out if that could point to the wastegates being weak. If they are opening at low levels of boost when the solenoid is not applying pressure to help keep it closed, maybe that could be my problem.

I dunno close to just buying the aftermarket actuators and giving it a whirl since they are only 280 a pair, but trying to at least base it on something haha.
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